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The Law & Politics of Brexit Volume 5: The Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Professor Federico Fabbrini, Founding Director of the Brexit Institute and Full Professor of EU law at the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, has edited a new book “The Law & Politics of Brexit Volume 5 – The Trade and Cooperation Agreement“. The book, which is published by Oxford University Press, is the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary analysis of the Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the EU and the UK. It brings together contributions by leading scholars in EU and international trade law, economics, and political science.

The book – which builds on the prior volumes in the series: “The Law & Politics of Brexit” (OUP 2017), “The Law & Politics of Brexit Volume 2: The Withdrawal Agreement” (OUP 2020), “The Law & Politics of Brexit Volume 3: The Framework of New EU-UK Relations” (OUP 2021) and “The Law & Politics of Brexit Volume 4: The Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland” (OUP 2022) – provides a detailed analysis of all the substantive provisions of the TCA and the broader setting in which they are contextualized, including the first study of the 2023 Windsor Framework and its impact on the Protocol and EU-UK relations. The book also unpacks the treaty’s complex provisions on customs and rules of origin, investments, services and procurement, subsidies, fisheries, aviation, cooperation on energy, environment, health, social security, and on UK participation in EU programmes.