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Brexit Institute parliamentary engagements

In the past week the Brexit Institute staff has widely engaged with parliamentarians, providing expertise on a number of matters. On 28 November 2023, Prof. Federico Fabbrini presented his report “Fiscal Policy in Times of Crises” at the European Parliament Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO). On 1 December 2023, Dr. Niall Moran met a delegation of the AFCO Committee visiting Dublin, and updated them on the state of play of the Windsor Framework. Moreover, on 27 December 2023, Dr. Ian Cooper with Lucrezia Rossi was part of a DCU delegation, chaired by President Daire Keogh, who met Barry Andrews MEP during his official visit of DCU. Finally, Dr. Ian Cooper recently also met at the UK Embassy a delegation of the Scottish Parliament on visit to Ireland. These multiple engagements confirm the reputation of the Brexit Institute and its team as a thought leader on EU affairs and Brexit.