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Brexit Institute Wins Funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs to Commemorate 50 Years of Ireland in the EU

The DCU Brexit Institute has won a significant grant from the Communicating Europe Initiative (CEI) of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs for 2023. This funding has been awarded for the DECADES project, which will examine the history of Ireland’s membership of the EU. This is the fourth year in a row that the DCU Brexit Institute has been awarded funding under the CEI.

The DECADES project is part of EU50, a programme of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Ireland’s joining the European Economic Community in 1973. It will be an online project exploring in-depth the history and evolution of Ireland’s membership, hosted by the Brexit Institute website.

The DECADES project will deepen public understanding of the European Union amongst Irish and EU citizens. In particular it will give Irish citizens a greater appreciation of the role that the EEC, and later the EU, has played in their lives over the last fifty years, and how place of Ireland in Europe has been transformed over that time.


Photo Credits: Department of Foreign Affairs