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The Jean Monnet Network BRIDGE Project has successfully come to an end

We are extremely pleased to announce that the BRIDGE Network has successfully come to an end, after investigating interconnections between various crises the European Union has recently faced (Brexit, the Euro-crisis, migration, and the Rule of Law crisis). The BRIDGE Network saw the participation of leading scholars in partner institutions across Europe (Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy) with the aim of creating a multinational team to undertake research on the challenges facing Europe and on their possible solutions.
Over its 3-year span, the BRIDGE Network has organized 9 events – including high-profile multiplier events at 3 major EU institutions (ECB, EP, CJEU) – , spread knowledge about the EU to a wide audience of thousands of EU citizens, and reached policy-makers with research through multiple channels: 21 Working Papers, 140 blogs, 58 videos, 26 podcasts, 28 country reports, one MOOC (reaching 3000 students), one Interactive Map, one book, and one journal Special Issue.