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The Brexit Institute Blog in 2020: Updates

The last part of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 have seen tremendous developments on Brexit and on European Union law and policy. We have seen a change in the UK government (in July) and in power (in December). The Von der Leyen Commission took oath in December and started to shape the Brexit debate. We finally saw Brexit done, to discover the moment after that Brexit has only just begun.

The Brexit Institute Blog is keeping up with these fast-occurring changes, adapting to an academic and policy landscape where together with a predominantly reflective approach (that is indeed necessary) there is the need to provide almost live comments on developments occurring on a day-by-day (if not hour-by-hour) basis.

Now, as Brexit enters into its Phase Two, the Brexit Institute Blog is going through its second phase.

Brexit has been and remains a pressing issue and the main focus of our activities. However, in cooperation with our friends and colleagues at BRIDGE, we would like to discuss and debate more and more ideas and comments on the future of Europe (of which the Conference on the Future of Europe could be a fundamental part). That is why for the time being an important part of our Blog effort will switch towards the questions that Brexit poses to the future of the EU project, to be understood broadly and horizontally across the many disciplines that touch upon EU law and policy.

There are however some new developments that we would like to share with you and that are worth your attention.

The new design of the Brexit Institute Blog

The Blog itself, as you might have already noticed, has been undergoing a profound restructuring in its layout and in the way the single entries are displayed,  that we hope you like (and please let us know what you think on this!).

The Rolling Call for Contributors

We are also glad, on this occasion, to launch a Rolling Call for Contributors to our Blog. We are always looking for valuable academics or practitioners who are available, sometimes on very short notice, to write on the latest developments on Brexit and the future of Europe. If you would like to provide your essential contribution to the cause, please get in touch with us.

Blog statistics

We are also happy to share with you our top 5 most visited comments in the last few months:

  1. Brexit: The End, The Beginning of The End or Just The End of The Beginning (F. Fabbrini)
  2. Brexit and a Brief History of Time (J. Cotter)
  3. Brexitland 2020: What next? (A. Reid)
  4. The Future of Europe Beyond Brexit (F. Fabbrini)
  5. An Historical Perspective on Brexit: Six Theories (G. Grin)

Thanks to the invaluable support of our Readers and Authors, this Blog is now one of the points of reference in the debate on Brexit and the future of Europe. We look forward to a new year, and second phase, that keeps up with what we have achieved and brings even more success.



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