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Call for Contributions! Brexit Institute Blog

This is a Call for Contributions to the Brexit Institute Blog.

We accept contributions, on a rolling basis, that fit broadly within the topic of Brexit and the future of the European Union. While our main focus in on European law and policy (broadly understood), we are open to contributions and comments from cognate disciplines.

The contributions we are looking for are usually structured as follows:

Short Comments:

Ranging 600-800 words, these comments provide a timely and up-to-date response over pressing issues that are occurring rapidly. We usually aim to have a similar comment no more than one week after the event (could be a political change or an important ECJ or national court decision). We are of course flexible, but we reserve the right to refuse unsolicited contributions that are not timely.

Reflections and Analysis:

These comments are usually 800 words or longer. There is no formal limit but, for reasons of readability, we encourage our contributors to stay within the range of 800-1500 words. Longer contributions are also accepted when they fit within our research interests. In this case, we welcome a broad range of topics and reflections (as a case comment or a short literature review) without a strict time limit. We, however, appreciate in the majority of cases when the Authors are able to send us a contribution within a couple of weeks, or maximum a month, after the developments you would like to comment have occurred.

Our contributions are reviewed internally by our Editorial team or, whenever required, externally. While we strive to publish the majority of the contributions that we receive, we also reserve the right to refuse the contributions that we think are not in line with the focus of our Blog.

You are welcome to contact us directly before writing the comment, to understand if the topic you propose is fitting into our research interests. This Call is appropriate for scholars and practitioners at any level of their career. However, we do encourage early-career scholars (broadly understood, but in general untenured scholars) to participate in our Call for Contributions, eyeing the publication of a longer piece based on their blog comment in our Working Paper Series.

You can send your contributions to and