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Prof Fabbrini Honoured for his Research on the Future of the EU

Federico Fabbrini (Professor of EU Law at the School of Law & Government of Dublin City University & Founding Director of the Brexit Institute) has been honored in Aachen (Germany) with the Charlemagne Prize fellowship award for research in recognition of his work on the future of the EU.

Charlemagne Prize Academy is part of a distinctive development of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen, which is the oldest and most renowned prize awarded for work done in the service of European unification. The laureates of the Charlemagne Prize include Antonió Guterres (2019), Emanuel Macron (2018) or Timothy Garton Ash (2017). (All Charlemagne Prize Laureates can be found here.) Building upon the intention to promote outstanding work for social progress and mutual understanding, the Charlemagne Prize Academy aims to connect new ideas and thoughts about future issues on Europe with the current approaches of global decision makers.