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EVENT POSTPONED: Executive Training Seminar: “Brexit, Finance and Trade”



The Executive Training Seminar “Brexit, Finance and Trade” has been postponed until further notice. The DCU Brexit Institute is committed to reschedule the event sometime in the future and the new date will be announced at the earliest opportunity. We apologize for this decision.

The first joint Executive Training Seminar of the Brexit Institute of Dublin City University (DCU) and the School of Transnational Governance of European University Institute (EUI) will take place in Dublin on the 4th and 5th April 2019.

The Executive Training Seminar will focus upon the consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union for finance and trade.

“Brexit represents a watershed moment in Europe, with major implications on free movement of goods and services between the EU and the UK. The purpose of this Executive Training Seminar is to offer a focused training on the consequences of Brexit in the fields of finance and trade to people operating in the private sector in countries heavily affected by the UK decision to leave the EU. The training provides focused information on how rules governing free movement of goods and services have changed as a result of the Brexit – both in case of a hard Brexit and ifa withdrawal agreement, including transition, is approved. It thus facilitates business leaders and managers in their efforts to adapt their business-models and operations to the Brexit challenge.”

The Executive Training Seminar builds on the expertise of the DCU Brexit Institute and the experience of the EUI School of Transnational Governance combining practitioner’s knowledge with the latest academic analysis.

The Executive Training Seminar will take the format of input sessions aimed knowledge transfer and debate amongst participants. Programme topics include:

  • How Brexit affects free movement of goods and services between the EU (including Ireland) and the UK;
  • Analyse in depth issues such as market access, adequacy decisions, regulatory equivalence, freedom of establishment, custom rules and declaration,
    and WTO obligations;
  • Help business leaders prepare to the changes resulting from the UK withdrawal from the EU – and the connected withdrawal agreement and framework of future relations between the UK and the EU;

Learning outcomes

  • Acquire an enhanced understanding of how Brexit affects finance and trade by modifying the rules on free movement of goods and services between the EU and the UK;
  • Identify the specific challenges that Brexit poses for a given business-model;
    Develop solutions to minimize the harms and maximize the benefits potentially resulting from legal changes produced by Brexit on EU-UK commercial relations;
  • Interact with experts and fellow participants through peer teaching and learning dynamics.


The Executive Training Seminar will combine the insights of top-level academic experts with those of experienced practitioners, offering a clear framework of the regulatory changes resulting from Brexit, and their practical impact for business operating in the trade and finance sectors.

View the Executive Training Seminar: “Brexit, Finance and Trade” program here. Please note programme may be subject to change.

The DCU Brexit Institute and the EUI School of Transnational Governance reserve the right not to host the Executive Training Seminar if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


1500€ standard fee

900€ early bird application (deadline 10th February)

1100€ special rate for large groups (3+ persons for a single firm)

Enterprise Ireland offers grants to companies which are looking for training to prepare for Brexit. Information about Brexit preparedness grants is available through the Irish Government action plan on “Getting Ireland Brexit Ready”.


31 January 2019 – Early bird discount application fee.

Participation is by application only. (Deadline 5th March).

For detailed information about the application process for the Executive Training Seminar on “Brexit, Finance and Trade”, please see here.

To apply click here and follow the procedure.


Silvia Dell’Acqua (School of Transnational Governance) – Send a mail